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Complaints and Appeals Policies

We will accept requests for appeals or complaints about company conduct or product by the mail, by internet and by telephone. We will respond to all communications within seven business days of receipt.

Refunds Policies

At our discretion, Wrappzz, LLC, D.B.A (Cstore Training) or any of its divisions or subsidiaries, et al, allow for the return of any product purchased through an online storefront, or made via telephone, assuming:

  • the exam has not been attempted,
  • the certificate has not been issued,
  • reports have not been distributed to necessary parties,
  • the course was purchased less than 1 months prior to the refund request.

All requests for refund are at the sole discretion of Wrappzz, LLC, D.B.A (Cstore Training) Any refunds approved by Wrappzz, LLC, D.B.A (Cstore Training) can take up to seven business days to reflect on customer bank statements.

Complaints, Appeals, Refund Request Procedure

  1. Contact us by any the following methods:
    • By telephone: 833-699-5800
      • Hours of operations
      • Mon-Fri- 9am-5pm CST
    • By email: cs.support@cstorestraining.com
    • By mail: Wrappzz, LLC, D.B.A (Cstore Training)
      • 12808 West Airport Blvd
      • Sugar Land, TX 77478
  2. Identify yourself by giving us the name you are registered under, your date of birth, your email address, your mailing address. We will verify your identity and be able to process your request using this information.
  3. Explain the problem and what you would like us to do. This might be reporting a problem or requesting help with our website, asking us to refund your money, or appealing the results of your test. As best as possible, please explain what happened and provide supporting information so we can investigate it.
  4. We will make every attempt to settle the issue within seven business days. If we cannot settle it, we will contact you within the seven business days period to explain the difficulty and tell you when we will close the issue. If you are communicating by mail or email, we may contact you for additional information.